The Body Shop White Musk Fragrance Mist and Eau De Toilette Review

Friday, December 19, 2014

I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with white musk in the past. I go through phases of loving it and phases of staying well away from it. I'm not really sure how it has happened, but I've managed to end up with a lot of white musk scented products in my collection. The latest additions have been the *Body Shop White Musk Fragrance Mist (£7.50) and *Eau De Toilette (£16).

Let's start with the lighter of the two, the *fragrance mist. This comes in a really simple but elegant glass bottle that looks lovely on a dressing table. As the name suggests, this scent is very musky. However, the fact it is a fragrance mist means you still get the velvety seductive scent but it's not as harsh and so is perfect for the day time. The fragrance contains notes of musk with rose, jasmine, amber and wood. The wear time is quite good, you get a good few hours before it begins to fade. On the whole a great little body mist.

The *eau de toilette captures the ionic original fragrance of Body Shop White Musk and mixes it with notes of lily, iris, rose and vanilla. Heavenly huh? It's definitely stronger than the *fragrance mist and lasts a lot longer on the skin. I would say that this one is more suited to night time, whereas the *fragrance mist is perfect for day time. I think the bottle is gorgeous and that it looks so lovely on my dressing table. Although it is stronger than the mist, it isn't overpowering at all. It's really pleasant and manages to be fresh yet seductive at the same time. I thoroughly recommend that you go and give this beauty a sniff next time you happen to find your self near a Body Shop.

I think both these fragrances are more suited to the colder months as they are so deep and musky. However, if you did want to wear them in the warmer months, then I suggest going for the *fragrance mist as it isn't as harsh.

What do you think of white musk?

Ciara x

*This post contains items which were gifted to me. Full disclaimer.

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